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subLOGIC FS II for the MSX (1988)

There exists a rare and strange  variant of FS II for the MSX, called Flight Simulator with Torpedo Attack.  Although released by subLOGIC as late as 1988, it doesn't look like any of the other contemporary versions for the PC, Macintosh or other computers. It can be considered as just an enhanced version of the WW I game that was included in the other versions. This version was released on MSX cartridge. The screen display is completely different as well. See the pictures below.

In order to run this program we need either a real MSX computer or an emulator that runs on a current PC with a compatible disk-image of the original cartridge. Below we offer two different solutions: one with the special NLMSX emulator, the other with the universal MESS (Multiple Emulator Super System) emulator.

NLMSX emulator

Josef Havlik sent me a copy of the NLMSX emulator, written by Frits Hilderink. Frits recently sent me a special copy of the latest version 0.48, trimmed to our needs. It is a true Windows program that's very simple to handle. It also contains a good HELP file. Thanks to Josef and Frits for their help with the emulator and associated FS-image.

The friendly airbase in FS "with Torpedo Attack" for the MSX

Flight Simulator program

FS II for the MSX2 was originally released on a special MSX cartridge, but we use a copy that is converted to a disk-image for use with an emulator. The download contains both the emulator with docs and the FS II program as a disk-image, suitable for the emulator. Below you will also find a copy of the control key reference card and a copy of the relevant pages from the original manual.

Instructions for starting up the emulator

First create a new directory and unzip the contents of the emulator file into this directory. Make sure you have "use folder names" selected. Start the emulator by double clicking on the nlmsx.exe program. The FS program screen should come up; then hit <Enter>. If you think of running it more often it might also be a good idea to create a new (MSX2) shortcut on the desktop. Click on "Help" (or press <F1>) to read the (FS) HELP information. Press F9 to make screenshots.

Enemy battleship ready for torpedo attack

Instructions to run the program

When the program starts, you are placed at the beginning of a runway at your friendly airfield. The <Ins> and <Del> key control the throttle. The left and right arrow key control the rudder, the up and down arrow key the elevator. For zoom in "radar" mode use the <-> and <+> keys on the keypad. For further instructions read the manual and the reference card. Or look in the Help!

Alternative solution: MESS 0.92 + FS-MSX

Since short we also have another, more universal solution, prepared by Josef Havlik. His new approach is based on using MESS (Multiple Emulator Super System). With MESS a still growing number of old processors can be emulated. The current download emulates 7 of the required platforms, including the MSX-computer for subLOGIC FS II with torpedo attack.

For the downloads and instructions for this solution please go to our special MESS page. Other utilities like the control key reference card and other docs can be downloaded via the links above. There you can also find instructions about running FS-MSX.

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