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What about the downloads?

My aim is to include at least one example of every new and different generation of Flight Simulator, released by either subLOGIC or Microsoft prior to 1990. To the left you'll find the links to download pages for the different versions of Flight Simulator that were selected. Most of them however need some special arrangement like an emulator to get them working properly on a current PC. Given this arrangement all versions should run on a modest Pentium PC under MS Windows (at least Win 98 SE).

Of course I can't include all complete manuals (mostly very good and quite extensive for those old versions). But to help you get airborne in a specific FS version some docs are included and "control key reference cards" are also available for download. And when available some old instructions or memories, written down by an FS-pilot of that time.

Key Reference card for subLOGIC FS1 for the Apple II

The subLOGIC versions

All subLOGIC versions, starting with FS1 for the Apple II in 1980 (see below), were developed for different computer types than the (IBM) PC. For these versions a working emulator of the original computer is provided, running on a modern Pentium PC. Most of the emulators run directly under Windows, others in a DOS-box. I personally prefer the Windows type of solution but in some cases I couldn't (yet) find such a (freeware !!) emulator for the specific type. If you happen to know one hat works, please send me a copy (with instructions on how to operate please!). One of the reasons I prefer an emulator running directly under Windows is the fact that it's easier to make screenshots.

A screenshot from subLOGIC FS1 for the Apple II (release 3 from 1981)

As the original media of course can not be used, the FS versions included are converted from the original tape cassettes or diskettes to so-called disk-images. Also included are instructions to install and run the emulator with the associated FS image.

The Microsoft versions

The Microsoft versions were written for the IBM PC or compatibles. They start with the release of MS FS 1.0 in 1982. I haven't been able to find a working copy of that version. However a working version of MS FS 1.05 is available. Working copies of one of the latest releases 2.13 is also presented. Both need special treatment in order to run them on a current Pentium PC. Versions 3.0 and 4.0 should run without problems as a full screen DOS application on any PC with Windows 98 SE or higher (not sure about XP). You can make your own choice from the menu on the left. Have fun!

The Statue of Liberty in Microsoft FS 2.13

For more background information visit the Flight Simulator History website.

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