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Microsoft FS 5.0a for the PC (1993)

This is the last pure MS-DOS version, distributed on floppy only, including the additional patch to version 5.0a that was issued early 1994. It is also the first of a completely new generation, with characteristics anticipating the versions to follow. Very distinct from its predecessors in many aspects. Both reasons make it attractive to include it.

FS 5 contains a more or less photo realistic panel, which with respect to composition, lay-out and functionality however is not really different from earlier versions. See picture below. Just compare that to the panel in MS FS 1 of 1982!

Cessna 182 over Chicago O'Hare. Mark the buildings and the dynamic scenery (aircraft) .

FS 4, together with A&SD (Aircraft and Scenery Designer), marked the start of the add-on development, which started as a pure freeware scene, but eventually ended as the current multi million dollar industry. Many of he developers of those early days can still be found as developers or managers at  the add-on companies. FS 5 upped the ante by providing a much nicer panel and much improved scenery.

DC3's waiting on the ramp of Chicago Meigs. Mark the great number and diversity of the buildings.

Below you will find two sets of download files. The first has separate files that can each be put on a floppy and installed from that original medium in the original way. It requires a PC that is capable of running a proper old MS-DOS.

The second version contains the DOSbox emulator (version 0.63, Nov. 2005) that emulates a true DOS environment under Windows XP (or 98). Even sound and joystick should work. Unzip in the required folder and start the included batch file. Thanks to Hubert Born and Josef Havlik for this solution. Thanks to Peter Veenstra of the DOSbox development team for ironing out the ltest problems and providing the newest DOSbox kernel.




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