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subLOGIC FS II for the C 64 (1984)

Flight Simulator II for the Commodore 64 was released by subLOGIC in 1984, about one year after the release of the first version of FS II for the Apple II. The graphics are a bit different, but functionally both versions are the same. This version was released on a 5,25" floppy disk. The screen has the familiar look with an almost complete panel below and the 3D scenery view above. As far as I know, the colours in the picture below are quite  authentic and much better than those of its Apple II counterpart. The real problem with the C64 version is that it takes ages to load and is very slow in the running.

Commodore 64 emulator

To be able to run this program we need either a real Commodore 64 or an emulator that runs on a current PC with a disk-image of the original program. There are quite a few C64 emulators around, but for our purpose I choose the CCS64 emulator, freeware version 1.09, by Håkan Sundell. This is a simple DOS based emulator. On Håkan's website (see below) you can download a modern shareware version 3.0 for Windows. Another good choice might be the VICE emulator that also runs under Windows. Thanks to Sergio di Fusco for helping me with the emulator and associated FS-images. Don't forget to read his story about FS II on the C64 ("The flying breadbox").

New York - Manhattan in CM-FS2 (1984)

Flight Simulator program

FS II for the C64 was originally released on two 5,25" diskettes. There have been a few successive releases, each improving on the previous one. Included is release 1.01 from 1984. If you happen to have a later one, please send me a copy. The download contains both the emulator with docs and the FS II program in the form of a disk-image, suitable for an emulator. Below you will also find a copy of the original control key reference card that was included with the 90 page pilot's handbook.

Instructions for starting up the emulator

First create a new directory and unzip the contents of the emulator file into this directory. Start up the emulator by starting the batch-file ccs64.bat. If you think of running it more often it might also be a good idea to create a new (CCS) shortcut on the desktop. You'll get a full DOS-screen, which after about 10 seconds displays a standard blue C64 screen. The emulator also works in a DOS-box; switch with <Alt><Enter>.

To load the FS program press <F9>, from the menu choose "Load Program" and press <Enter>. From the "List" of available disk-images choose FS 2.0 and press <Enter>. After a few seconds you get a screen with some instructions on how to control FS and the warning that it may take 2 minutes and 40 seconds to load FS as on a real Commodore 64. And it does!!!

The statue of Liberty in CM-FS2

Instructions to run the program

When the program starts, you have to be patient again until it is loaded fully and stable. Then you'll find yourself placed at a familiar place: the beginning of runway 36 at Meigs Airport, Chicago. The aircraft controls are based on those of version 1, but much enhanced. The panel is almost complete; compare it to version 5 or 6! You can now also view in all directions. A slew function is also present. For further instruction read the docs and the reference card.

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