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Microsoft FS 5.1 for the PC (1993)

This is the last pure MS-DOS version, distributed on two different media, both on (3) floppy disks and (for the first time) on CD-ROM. The big difference was the introduction of haze and limited visibility in the distance, but there were also better clouds and improved panel night-lighting.

In reality it is a beefed up version of FS 5.0, with more and bigger sceneries in a 32 times enhanced resolution and much better textures. A cache system was included for faster loading. Better coastlines, night effects, clouds, textured and especially the addition of haze made the FS-world again look more realistic. More that 350 airports were now included and world wide airport refuelling made round the world trips feasible. Finally a performance switch was added, giving the user a trade-off between higher frame rates or better looks.

Cessna 182 over Chicago O'Hare. Mark the buildings and the dynamic scenery (aircraft) .

The floppy version is functionally the same, with the same more or less photorealistic panel. But it is very limited if compared to the CD-version and has still the same resolution as FS 5.0. Also otherwise it looked very much like FS 5.0. On the Old FS Vault only the floppy version is offered, as the CD version is considered to be part of the newer generations. 

DC3's waiting on the ramp of Chicago Meigs. Mark the great number and diversity of the buildings.

Below you will find two sets of download files. The first contains the content of all 3 original FS5.1 floppies together in one zipfile. It requires a PC that is capable of running a proper old MS-DOS.

The second version contains the DOSbox emulator version 0.92 that emulates a DOS environment for you. Even sound and joystick should work. Unzip in the required folder and start the included batch file. Thanks to Peter Veenstra (DOSbox developers) and Josef Havlik (batch file), who helped create this solution.




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