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Flight Simulator History and its companion site The Old FS Vault are comparatively small websites that attract a certain public -  you ;-))  - that is interested in how our fine hobby developed over the years. Recently I made a connection with the statistics site NEDSTAT and added their (free !!) counter to my pages. NEDSTAT then provides not just a counter, but a really wonderful set of statistics, including: information about when you connected, from where and with what.

Because the information basically comes from you I thought that you would be able share the knowledge. Of course you can see all current data for yourself, when clicking on the NEDSTAT logo at the bottom of the introductory pages, but below please find a compilation (collage if you wish) of most of the relevant data on one page.

I hope you don't blame me that I choose my busiest day so far (yesterday)! With a lot of sudden interest from countries as Poland, Finland and the Czech Republic, Canada and Australia. But I am pleased to see that the interest is still growing. Have a look for yourself. Are you interested too? Click on the NEDSTAT button at the bottom of the page.




My current web-statistics: Nedstat - Website statistics  Want a free counter too? Go Nedstat Basic - Free Counter
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