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On behalf of myself and all of you, FS-friends, who visit my website, I like to thank Miguel Blaufuks, director of simFlight.
He kindly offered to house the FS History website and take the burden of all the needed disk space and traffic.



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Your webmaster

The last Dutch FlightsIm Weekend on 5/6 November 2005 in the Dutch Aviation Museum (or Theme Park) Aviodrome at Lelystad  was again a huge success. Not in  the least because of all the work by our great organiser Frans Broekhuijsen.

And yes, like in 2004 FS History was also present with a small booth. For an impression look here:

With more participants and more visitors then ever before in this fantastic venue this probably deserves the title Biggest FS Event in the World".

The next FS-Weekend will take place at the same venuein November 2006, hopefully with FS-X. See you?

For a report by Rob de Vries take a look at the website:


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Your Reactions

In the meantime quite a lot of readers have reacted to the "Flight Simulator History" website or "The Old FS Vault" companion site. Below you'll find a selection. Of course it is nice to read that my website "brings back wonderful memories", "brought tears in my eyes"  or "reminded me at the good old times of FS II on the Commodore". But I also very much welcome reactions about omissions, mistakes or other things that are not correct or might be added.

If you feel like reacting, please be my guest. So far I haven't created a real "guestbook", but copied the contents of the individual e-mails you sent me. If you want to send me a reaction, good or bad, you can reach me via e-mail at: this address. So long.

26/02/05 Adrian Brown You have done a fantastic job with your site and I have to thank you. Without this the flight simulator history would've be forgotten. I found a spelling error on The Old Flight Simulator Vault news page (highlighted in red, but I would also change the word BETTER to IMPROVED.

Adrian Brown

Do you plan to update the site to include 2004. Yes, I will, in time!


Adrian Haselton

thanks a lot for the nice memories

20/01/05 Adrian Lindsay Thanks for your work on the FS website. You’re welcome to come see us or join us anytime at www.hovercontrol.com
07/12/05 Alejandro Moya HELLO,Im from Mexico its great your page, congratulation. I ride for the razon,I cant get work the fs1 for pc. the oders fs" alredy works fine. I have windows xp. works fine fs2, fs3, fs4, fs5. Im glad if you can help. sorry for my inglish. I hope you understan. tanks for your time

Allen Pelletier

What a great idea


Alessandro Antonini

Brings back sweet memories. Thanks.

06/12/04 Alex You certainly did a lot of research and put considerable time into it, but I do notice one glaring omission to the credits section: I see none given to Microsoft!

Alex Kies

where I can buy or download old flightsims?


Andreas Toepper

one of these days I'll get the apple version posted.


Andrew Herd

Oh joy! I will gladly write a piece  for your site on a trip down memory lane with FS,


Andrew J. Mackriell

Just finished reading your page on FS history – fascinating


Andy Voss

Lots of interesting info!  I'm glad to see it done.


Angelo Diaz

Nice website. I have original subLOGIC posters. Want a picture?

19/04/05 Annette Bingham Hello, My brother in law gave me the Microsoft Flight Simulator Version 6.0 for windows 95. I am unable to use it due to not having the 10 Digit CD key, it supposed to be on the label on the back of the case, However we have lost this case, Can you help??  Thanks!!!!


Y os queria dar las gracias por este estupenda paguina ,pero como yo somos muchas gentes que hablamos en español , y os queria decir si podrias poner la paguina en español, gracias y un saludo.


Arnie Lee (Abacus)

Well done!


Arno van Vulpen

Will include link to your website (http://amv002.cjb.net) links->Flight Simulator


Art Geverding

What a nice surprise to find such a well done and interesting site



Raymond Oostergo, Yvonne Russ


Bert van Kampen

Prima gedaan, het initiatief voor jouw nieuwe site over de historie van FS



wanted you to know I still have FS II cartridge for an Atari XE


Bill Hughes

I believe that your site is very important to Flight Simmers, particularly the younger generations


Bill Molony

Thanks so MUCH for putting together your FS History Site! Brings back some wonderful memories!


Bill Pileggi

Enjoyed reading history of Flight Sim. on your website. Do you have any information on release date 1.00 for the IBM PC?


Bill Sherwood

It looks *great*. You've put in a lot of work there, and it's well worth it! Thanks for letting me help you.18/02/02


Biro Tamas (Csücsök)

I would like to ask you for your help to use the information and pictures appear on the website for making the Hungarian FS history web page at http://www.fsklub.hu/


Bob …

interesting site


Bob Iken

Jos, Good job!


Bob Jemian

yes, I am the one that wrote the paragraph about MS FS V1 00


Brian Deane

I've just visited your "Flight Simulator History" web-site and found it very interesting! Have items!


Brian J. Fillery

T80-FS1 website

09/03/04 Brian Harris Do you know where I can get a copy of the instructions for fs2 for C64? I have no clue how to use it If you can help me I would be greatfull.

Bruce Williams

Product manager FS at Microsoft


Bryan Sei

This site brings back a lot of memories.


Carlos Breviglieri Júnior

I couldn’t find any other website all-in-one FS history. Very nice idea.


C.E. Forman

Very nice-looking site. Fascinating timeline, very well-researched.

17/04/05 Chanel Chambers I want to thank you so much for bringing back old memories. I was an avid FSII for the AppleIIe flightsimmer when I was a child. I remember spending hours upon hours flying around "Chicago" in front of the computer my airline pilot father bought me. I had almost forgotten about my childhood love for flightsimming, and your site helped me remember. Thanks again-

Charlie Gulick

!!! Congratulations on the great job you're doing, Joseph! I just checked out your latest site. Best regards, and keep up your fine work!



Can you please tell me, if you know, where I can find a download or possibly a copy of one of the early flight simulators from Microsoft? Thank you for your help.


Chris Porter

Love your FS history site.  Are you going to update it with MSFS 2002 and 2004?


Christian Leu

Merci pour votre site qui est super. Je vous remercie aussi pour le travail que vous faite pour la communaute de Flight Simulator. Bon weekend cher Jos.


Christian Sauer

Amiga Flight Simulator


Christoph Kober

I see your great site accidently and read what you wrote about the fs1 and so on- Simulator. Great stuff.

20/12/04 Claudio Grasssi Great idea, but don't you forget ZX Spectrum's Flight simulator from PSION. A 48kb software that teach to me a lot.

Clifford Cox

Where did the Timex flight sim fit in?  I remember it as being around 1980 or so...very primitive.

15/02/05 Computer Pilot Mag. This is definitely another "must see" site. Giving an in-depth look at the history of Flight Simulator from 1979-2004. Wow, 25 years! Here's more info to be found then what I was aware of. Which makes for excellent reading for most any Flight Simulator enthusiast. Be sure to bookmark it, as it's by far one of the best site detailing the history of Flight Simulator.
13/02/05 Creighton Urgo I was just checking out your website, and I saw FS 3.0. I was wondering if there is any way to obtain an original Manual for FS 3.0. If you have one that I could purchase or a link to a PDF, or downloadable version of it, that would be great if you could send it to me or add it to your website. I also wanted to say that your website is very in depth and you have done a good job.

Daniel Biosca

Hi Jos, I've just known about your FS History page, and I'm impressed.


Darren J Brown

I found the attached images and just thought you may be interested in them.


Dave March

EXCELLENT site...  well done...  I intend now to study it in great detail.


Dave Schneider

Just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed the visit to your site. I did not know it existed! Very good information.


David July

you can download old versions 3 and 4 of FS from the following location: http://abandoncreations.cjb.net

07/02/05 David Martin I just found your website (very nice indeed), and noted your comment in the wanted section; I have the book, do you still want it?
14/03/05 Davide Rovagnati I've found your site while i was looking for (very) old stuff; i'm very fond of old computer emulation. i finally got fs1 for pc: been looking for it for a long time. i would have liked to get Mac version, too; but there's no link on the page. Is it freely avalaible?

Davy Kong

Glad to meet your Flight Simulator History web site , it's really great. I wish to translate some of your article to Chinese , would you allow me to do it ?

29/12/04 Dean Bielanowski you have a great site, that's why we have mentioned it in Computer Pilot on more than one occasion in the past. I would be interested in reading your new 'story' on flightsim history on your site when it becomes available... let me know!

Dean Hall

Firstly, what a fantastic site you produced!


Dean Hoke

What a great freaking website -- man-oh-man -- I had forgotten the names of those programs that have  forged my hobby and obsession for over 20 year. I have flown ‘em all, from Jet Fighter I '85 and Falcon 1-by "Chop-Stick Louie", to the latest, greatest Project Magenta stuff. 
I cut my teeth on ATP, and then got my private pilots license just to see if it worked. I am still a Joystick junky and spend my time greasing murderous ILS approaches in the crappiest weather scenarios and killing commies in the air.


Dean Mountford

My Dad has 5 copies of the Manual for Flight Simulator 2.0 for the Apple.  I'm sure he'd be interested in selling one of them....


Dermot Stapleton

You deserve a copy of our  “PC Pilot - the complete guide to computer aviation”


Dirk Fassbender

One of my all-time favourite sites. I will have some more looks on the new stuff. Thank you for your entry in my guestbook and thank’s for the info. I have changed the link and the image.


D J Walker-Morgan

Just a small typo: “When newer computers arrived in 1968 like the Atari ST”: should be 1986 !


Don Schaaf

Keep up the good work, hope to hear from you on a regular basis.


Earl Patterson

When I found this site I have been thinking if Artwick never had made this game possibly i had never been a real pilot  … my life could be bored!


Ed Peters

Hardstikke goede website. Heb het allemaal meegemaakt!

08/03/05 Edoardo Daneo Greate site! It reminds me of many hours passed reading to manuals, trying to land in the middle of two rows of white dots in the middle of a black screen :-)))))
I think you should also add in the wanted list the Flight Simulator for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Thank you very much for your great job!!

Enno Borgsteede

Voor die tijd vloog heel FsFan met FS II op de Atari ST.


Enrico Schiratti

great work!  hope you manage to keep expanding


Enrique Vaamonde

Hi Jos...first of all, thanks for your website. It's brought some nostalgia to my Sunday ;)


Eric Korpela

The first numbered scenery disks appeared not long after FS II was released, ca. 1983


Ernie Alston

Re: miscellaneous: you should add a VA history story

10/02/05 Evan Koblentz Today I found your Flight Simulator page -- excellent work! I especially enjoyed the video showing all the different versions. The first one I ever owned was for my Apple IIe in about 1985. To help celebrate the 25th anniversary, I would like to interview Bruce Artwick. Of course, the article will include a link to your site. Does he have a personal web site, or can you tell me how to contact him?    ---->    I wish I knew ;-((

Floris Wouterlood

Jos, hardstikke LEUK!!!!!!


Franc Brvar

Mooie website. Ik stuur je hierbij die (ouwe) Atari ST emulator.


Francois Dumas

You're welcome. I started FS on a C64 myself, so your site really brings back memories.


Frank ??

Just stumbled on to your flight sim page. Great nostalgia.


Frits Tappe

Dat was een fantastisch idee! Heb genoten van het bezoek aan jouw site! Kom zeker terug.


Gene & Jan Warner

Congratulations! Your Flight Simulator web site is very well done. We will be coming back to check out new additions.


Gene Von Klau

Thank you for your website about the history of Flight Simulator. It brought back many happy memories.


Georges Lorsche

As a veteran in FS I like your website.


Gerard van Beusekom

Ik las dat je je bezighoudt met FS nostalgia. Wel  een eerste duik in mijn kasten leverde de volgende spullen op, die je wat mij betreft mag hebben

26/03/05 Gerard Swenker Gefeliciteerd ; congratulations ! I just DL’d the video ; very, very nice work. Please keep up your efforts, you are filling in an important gap here. By the way ; why not include CFS I & II ?

Gonzalo Vega

Hello from Costa Rica... thank you... and congratulations for the page


Greg Gott

XP all the way, no matter (to me) Pro or Home.


Gu Magri

When you come to São Paulo and want to fly glider contact me ok!



I started in 1984 with subLogic FS 2 for Commodore 64. Do you need cover scans ??

23/01/05 Hajo Dekhuijzen Jos, geweldige websites over fs history!! Ik heb je niet gezien op dat weekend, ben je daar wel geweest met deze posters? En kom je in April weer?

Hans Otto

Inderdaad een heel verhaal. Maar met genoegen gelezen.


Hans Petter Roverud

I just browsed through your history of flightsim website and it looks promising.


Harry Mole

Thanx for a really wonderful site... excellent work.. it doesn't go unseen.

08/02/05 Harry Zanin Thank you for that wonderful trip down memory lane with Flight Simulator. One area that wasn't touched upon, likely for good reason, was the bitter law suite between Bruce Artwick and Stu Moment when Bruce left SubLogic. Flight Assignment: ATP, was a better simulator at the time than was FS. I can certainly try and assist you with what I can remember [gets less and less as each year passes :-))) ] with ATP and look over anything you may write about the program along with Airline Simulator. ATP and Airline Simulator have always held a soft place in my heart and I love to reminisce about those programs.

Henk Laarakker

Hallo, bedankt, even een kort berichtje vanuit Grave. ik heb de video bekeken mijn eerste flight simulator was 3.0, Het is haast niet voor te stellen dat toen zo bijzonder was. Hardstikke leuke video .zelf heb ik nog een paar jaar aan ultralight vliegen in Lelystad gedaan, maar dit is te kostbaar, dus vlieg ik nog steeds met fs 2004 .


Henry Jakobs

Very nice website. I have all FS Versions.


Herman W. Lenferink

Zeer fraaie site. Ben je eigenlijk nog van plan hem verder uit te breiden ?


Hessel Oosten

Genoten van je FS History site. Het is leuk te midden van al het gestreef naar nieuwe versies, te zien hoe het allemaal is ontstaan.


Howard Bloom

Thank you for a GREAT site.  I have been hooked on FS since FS2 on a PC Jr in 1984.  I have made many good friends thru this wonderful hobby, including Charlie Gulick, Doug Horton, Bruce Artwick  and many many more.  I have attended every Flight Sim conference since the first one at Cornell University and was just wondering if we have ever met. Thank you again for helping to relive many wonderful memories.


Hubert Born

Congratulations for your site, I hope you'll continue with it, not as other who stopped.


Hugh Falk

I'm always glad to run into another classic gaming collector..


Hugo Feugen

Kort gezegd, er ontbreekt heel veel van jou geschiedenis, maar dat is bijna altijd de aard van zo'n taak.


Ihor "E" Tanin

I have many books and disks from V1 TRS-80 with many add-ons let me know if that could help you out .


Jaaky Krant

Ook ken ik je site (met die mooie intro met de FS verpakkingen...).


James McBride

Good web page on FS.. I have a 360Kb disk (actually 2 or more of) with the original Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0 for the IBM PC.


Jan Eberle

I enjoyed looking at your web site.  Thanks.

21/04/05 Jan van Heck Fantastische website. Ik zal zsm een link naar je website aanleggen. Dat je langs komt stellen wij op prijs.

Jan Willem Knoppers

Fantastisch, hartelijk bedankt voor al dat werk


Jason ….

Just wanted to say congratulations on your websiteI was reminiscing about my first version of flight simulator, which was 4.0, and I thought I would like to see some screen shots of it to remember it better. I found your site and saw a couple of images I remember. Good luck and i'll keep checking back. Also, I would LOVE it if you are able to find downloadable versions of previous versions to play for fun.


Javier Martinez

Very nice flight sim page but where is the download section????
Recently added as separate website: "
The Old FS Vault". (JG)


Jean-Michel Bernard

Congratulations for your site about Flight Simulator History !


Jean Pierre

site superbe qui me remembre il y a 23 ans sur TRS80 et FS1. Sorry no English.


Jean Pierre Rousseau

Hi, I want to download fs5 from your website, but the links don't work and the files are not on the directory. Can you include them, or are they available somewhere else on the web?


Jeff Smith

link added to MW website

27/05/02 Jim Broyles Sir: I operated a flight simulator in Germany at the 8th Aviation Bn, Finthen Germany.The mission dealt with training pilots to fly using instruments. ADF and Omni.We used trainers by Link Transadyne .The 1CA1 fixed wing & the 2B3A rotary wing.

Jim Harley

I found your site…and I gotta tell you...it brought back a lot of fond memories.


Jim Leonard

I'd be happy to capture a session of Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.03 (1981).

10/02/03 Jim Koepnick You have my permission to use the photo of Bruce Williams and the CTKH flight simulator (you may want to check with Bruce for his permission to use his image).

Jim Radke

I much appreciated your history, and feel that it was much needed.


Jim Reimer

What is happening to your site. I am an avid fan of your site, but do you intend to update it? Is there anything I could do to assist you?


Joe Andreu

It is interesting how much it has changed over the years, Thanks,


Joe Forte

I just visited your sight on the History of FS.  Great Job!  Brought back many memories.


Joe Stearns

I just read your wonderful FS History -- the piece on Bruce Artwick.


Joel Comm

You have a GREAT web site!  I've started collecting Flight Sim products and came upon your site in trying to determine which version of Flight sim I have in my possession.


Johan van Cranenburgh

Very nice site. On my old pages you can maybe find some additional material on FS1, 2, 3 and 4. Use it as you like.

12/02/05 Johan Lemmers Prachtige site, die FS historie op The Old Flight Simulator Vault. Doet me weer denken aan de tijd dat ik begon met FS2. Helaas heb ik van de eerdere versies niks meer bewaard en ben blij dat je die download page hebt. Maarre... heb je enig idee of die versies 1, 2 en 3 voor de PC nog ergens origineel te krijgen zijn? --> Kijk op eBay of Amazon shops/auctions.
17/01/05 Johannes Naumann Congratulations for your website. It is great! I used the ATC-Game "TOWER", but since I was forced to Win XP it doesn't work any more and a new version cannot be found. Would pay money for a new version ! Johannes.N, Germany
04/04/05 John Bell I know that you have put countless hours into your site and I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how much I enjoyed looking around your websites. When I was in college, I used the C64 extensively and occasionally got to use the (at the time) blazingly fast 12 Mhz !!! IBM PC's at school to run Flight Simulator. As crude as the programs and hardware were by today's standards, they were still very beneficial for learning instrument procedures for a college student on a very tight training budget. Thanks again for the trip down memory lane. I will have to show my little boys.

John Dow

I did like the site... wish I had some screenshots from my old Amiga to contribute but that's long gone

28/12/04 John Goodwin Just stumbled into your site while hiding from the wife as she cooks Christmas dinner. Really love the site brings back so many memories of the early days of FS. I have added a link on my site http://www.john-goodwin.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/ so that others can come and see you. Thanks for the hard work, I know what it is like keeping even a small site like mine up to date.

John D. Yarrow

It was interesting to see your FS history page. You do the hobby of flight simulation a real service with this site.  


John O'Neil

Many thanks for the history (and I haven't even read it yet!)


John R. Bradley

I'm finding your site to be fascinating!

09/12/04 John Smith (ACES) Well done. But I was unable to access the link to the posters on the first page of your FS history site:

Jon Krol

I have an unopened copy of MS Flight Simulator Version 3.0, copyrighted 1988.


Jon Utley

Jos , THANKS so much for the flashback! I am an avid fs2002 user now ..


Jonathan Reth

GREAT SITE! wonderful work. 


Jonathan Schattke

It looks exactly like it does on an Apple ][ to me


Jonathan Stern

Thanks for the nice screenshots for the Computer Pilot Magazine article (March 2005 issue). Best of luck with the history.  If I can be of help, please let me know. Regards, Jon


José Eduardo Leitner

!!!!! Thanks for such site, it’s exciting to remember those past times !!!


Josef Havlik

I plan to make my own www pages about Flight Simulator history, correct some mistakes from your pages... I am not sure if your great pages are alive because of their last update but I have no any other sources for my plans.


Jozef van der Vloet

Door toeval ben ik op Uw site terechtgekomen, het was mij een genoegen al die oude covers van FS nog eens terug te zien.


Juan C. Gómez García

I have the original FSII for C64/128, if you need any screenshots, just tell


Juan Carlos Pizzo

I have to tell you that you did a very good job of research and I’m very impressed with it.


Julian J Berry

I have just found an old copy of Flight Simulator II (v 2.12) on 5.25" disc


Julio Antonio Ramírez

I´m a mexican collector of flight simulator. Thanks for the information.


Katy Pluta

I just love it! Congratulations! :-))


Ken Grattendick

I just wanted to let you know that your site is fantastic. I am looking forward to its continued development. You have done a wonderful job!


Kerry Neighbour

I just had a look at your History of Flight Sim website. Interesting to say the least.


Kevin Kerfoot

There are two pictures of Meigs field there

11/12/04 Kevin Roberts I just discovered your website in a mention on Flightsim.com. I really enjoyed what I've read so far. I've always suspected a connection between Sublogics flightsim and Microsoft's. But until I saw your time line I never really saw it spelled out. Thanks for the enjoyable site.

Kevin Savetz

The site looks great.

11/04/05 L. Curtiss Boyle I have some information on the port of the Flight Sim I on my Coco (nickname for the TRS-80 Color Computer) games website: http://nitros9.stg.net/coco_game_list.html), and I will be adding the port for Flight Sim II for the Coco 3 in the near future. I also have permission from Greg Zumwalt (who did the Coco port of Flight Sim I) to make it available for download, although I haven't had time to do so yet. Feel free to use any images, downloads (when available) from my site. There is another Flight Simulator on there called Worlds of Flight, but it is not an official part of the subLOGIC/MS Flight Sim history.

Lamont Duncan

Just visited your web page and enjoyed it very much.


Lars Klüver

Just visited your website “Flight Simulator History” – very interesting and nostalgic indeed!! Almost got “tears in my eyes”..  OK – i haven’t been participating before 1995, though I recall having seen the first version back in ancient time.. :-))  Hope you’ll continu. Posted the link at FSVC (Flightsim Veterans Club),


Leandro Simões

I want to know if you could order me for e-mail the roms of FS1 and 2

12/01/05 Lee Lieberman Hi, I had an Amiga and used subLogic's orig FS years ago. I got some adventure books by Charles Gulick, published by Compute! Books (e.g. 40 Great Flight Simulator Adventures, ISBN 0-87455-022-X). The books use the original "aircraft position" (geographic grid), each adventure starts with geographic coordinates North Position: and East Position: instead of latitude and longitude. I have not been able to locate a way of converting the original " aircraft position" info to latitude and longitude so I can play these wonderful old adventures on Microsoft versions of FS. Can you help? Thanks in advance.

Lee K. Seitz

Nice site on the history of Flight Simulator.  It cleared some things up for me.  It's a shame it hasn't been updated in a while, but believe me, I know how that goes!


Lee Sheridan

I commend you; you are doing a great job with the history.


Lee Skarha

I just found your web site and love it.  I have not had time to look at it completely but I’m glad someone is taking the time to do this.


Leroy Humphries

Can you tell me where I can get the scenery disks for Mac version 4.0 flight simulator?

22/01/05 Louis Sinclair I checked out a little of your FS History site. Cool! Feel free to ask me any questions about the 'old days' of FS. I don't know if I'll be much help, but it's fun to think back :)

Louis-Marius Gendreau

What a great idea!  Seeing screenshots from FSII for the apple and the early PC and atari version was a great trip down memory lane!  Wow!  thanks !


Luc Faerber

Hello, I have found your WEB page about Flight Simulator. I have FS4 and I search FS5 and a scenery editor for FS4 or FS5. Have you any idea where I can find it ?

08/03/05 Luciano Eibenstein my name is Luciano, and I am from Italy. Certainly I spent much of my free life time playing with flight simulators. You can imagine how I felt looking at you site. You hit my heart deeply. I remember loading the program on a C64 with a tape-cassette! Hard times... lol I also played much, and still do, with another Artwick program, Tower of 1995. The manual of that game mentions other BAO products like Microsoft Space Simulator 1.0, TOWER/Pro (joint v. with Wesson INT, Inc.) and BAO Zero (enhanced pro FS system). I know nothing about them. Do you think it would be worth to include a section devoted to tower programs in your site?

Manuel Andres

I have just been checking out your Flight Simulator History web page and have enjoyed it a lot.


Marc L. Gravière

Your site is great. I do appreciate the Timelines and the history of Bruce Artwick.


Marc Lavoie

You have a great web page and I will visit it often


Marc van de Wetering

Het is heel toevallig dat ik op je prachtige site terechtkwam, echt mooi gedaan!


Marc-Andre Handfield

First, I want to congratulate you for your website. Keep up the good work! I must say that I have a copy of each simulator program except the first two. Are you going to update your site soon ? Thanks again.


Marcus Thompson

I also looked at your other site.  Very-very nice and really informative.  This must be the foremost authority active website on FS History out the on the WWW.  Great job.  I downloaded just about everything you had up there so I can experiment trying to capture them in realtime. 


Marek Pleschner

You already have sent me A&SD and it's a great tool! Thank you!

20/04/05 Mark Daugherty I have a 5 1/4 drive and have had no success trying to copy the two discs. Can you help? I will send you a copy of Simulator 1.0 when I am done. Cheers, MD,  Dallas Tx

Mark Fahey

Ghezz, what a great site


Mark Percival

Thanks for the update.  I look forward to seeing your work

14/12/04 Martin Reiffer Dear Jos, thanks a lot for your wonderful journey through to the past of MS Flight Simulator. I joined the community in 1989 with the then brandnew FS4. I have also obtained most of the old school versions from ebay (as I threw away my original boxes years ago). The reason why I send you this e-mail is that I have a floppy disk version of FS5.1, which would be a fine addition to your homepage.

Marvin Decker

Sure, I would be delighted to help in any way that I can.


Mathijs Kok (LAGO)

The first add-on scenery ever made was a scenery called 'NoCanDO' programmed by Enrico Schiratti for an Interstate race flown in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Matthew & Jade Wu

found your web page about the history of FS.   Very interesting to me. 


Matthew Moulis

I love the website, took me back to being a kid.


Matthias Holzer

Your site inspired me to create a site on my personal FS history!


Maurice Valkema

Here are the Data General One FSII & A2-F1 Pictures.


Maurice Weber

Congratulations on a great and very interesting Web site.  It brings back many fond memories of enjoyment on the Commodore 64 and Flt Sim II. 


Maurizio M. Gavioli

Thanks for your reply: I look forward to see the web site!


Maximo Levin

I have FSII for Commodore 64, with box, diskette, maps, flight reference chart and 2 manuals


Michael Blanc

Thanx for this FS story, a great initiative to all flight lovers


Mick Bereznyckyj

I was pleased to see someone has taken time to do a record of "Microsofts" flightsim.


Miguel Blaufuks

I have written to Microsoft to see it included in the official fs2000/2 sites..


Miguel Lopes

Here are some pics.


Mike Eckley

I just wanted to take a minute to comment on how good your Flight Simulator History page is

07/12/04 Morten Kidal nice site you got. I was flying on the amiga in the late '80. what has happened to that version on your site? keep up the good work.

Nels Anderson

Splendid. Will add a link to your site at ours: FlightSim.Com.


Nico Herzog

hi guy(s), I really admire Your FS history page!  I have got (2,3,4,5.0,5.1,6,7,8), so for me it is very interesting to read about those former versions on your page!


Noel Kerns

Just wanted to say it's really great what you've done to chronologize the history of FS

07/10/03 Nuno Rodrigues Some ideas for the 'Miscellaneous' section:

Oliver Lehmann

Vielen Dank nochmal für deinen Hinweis auf deine FS-History-Seiten.

14/04/05 Skycontrol
(Pascale Tante)
I visited Flight Simulator History's website with great interest. May I therefore suggest a possibilitie that may be of interest to you? Special Price: € 295 - An advertisement inserted in the banner of Skycontrol’s Calendar page (the most visited page of the magazine), including: - your logo with a hyperlink to your website - a short description of your company - a hyperlink to your e-mail - a hyperlink to your advertisement (PDF file)   ---->  Sorry – no money!!!

Patrick Fogarty

Thanks for the site, you brought a tear to my eye !


Paul Cabay I checked your website and I believe it is compatible with mine, and I think it would be great to make a link exchange. This is my site: www.utyx.com/aircraft.

Paul Leatzaw

Great Site!!!  You need to add on the FS history page the first photoreal scenery and first Mesh type terrain scenery ever produced for a desktop PC, it was by mallard for FS5.0 it was San Francisco scenery,


Paul Vermeulen

FS4 Graphics and Sound Upgrade - I did not notice this in any of the text.


Pavel Jordanek

Looking for some old Microsoft FS suitable for my son´s old PC pentium 75MHz


Pedro Nunes

Just wanted to let you know that I think you're doing a great thing.


Peter Butzelaar

Bedankt voor de downpoad site. ik ben bezig alle FS-delen in mijn bezit te krijgen (FS 1 t/m 9). Dankzij de Vault heb ik nu FS 1 t/m 4 al in bezit. Wanneer komen de links voor FS 5.0?

16/03/05 Peter Hurst Great site so far! I'm looking forward to when you get to FS4 as that is the first copy I ever owned! Keep it up.

Peter "MiGMan" Inglis

It looks fine ! May I offer you free entrance to the Flightsim Museum?

18/12/04 Phil Lange Permit an introduction: I am a retired computer engineer interested in all early Flight Sims. Your site was a gold mine to me. I was very happy to see it. I am just having the time of my life trying out all those old versions of Flight Sim. It is like Santa Claus came to town early for me! I run FS2 for the Commodore c-64 on the real machine as well as with WinVICE emulator. I have reworked the original load disk so that it loads in 45 seconds rather than 2:40 minutes. I could upload a copy to you for distribution

Philip Evans

I started flying Flight Simulator  (sub LOGIC version A2-FS2)  in 1984


Philippe Pallu

Congratulations for the site. Y have found it very interesting


Pierre Poirier

Hi Jos, it has been a long time. Congratulations first on your wonderful site about the history of FS. Like you I am retired now and have more time. I have been in this FS hobby since the beginning of the eighties, and by going through the history of it all, I am amazed at the evolution of the technology. Simply amazing. Keep the spirit alive, you are doing a great job. From your old friend (fsbench),


Pieter van Wyk

Congratulations on an excellent idea, one has really forgotten how times really did change!


Rafael Sanchez

a very interesting idea of making an 'FS museum of history' as the one you are trying to do.


Rainer Labie

My first reaction is: this is outstanding and it was really due to have it! FS is worth writing the history. Excellent design - you're doing this alone? Great!


Ray Porteous

I like what your trying to do, all flight simmers should help you complete this site, and maintain it as a history base for our hobby.


Raymond Laniel

This to say that I hope you are aware there were certain versions of FS for other computers (Amiga) that were much better than on the limited PC type computer.


Rebecca Lowell

webmaster Microsoft FS site


René Berger

visited your nice website about the history of flightsim. I´m also a big fan of all about flightsim

09/12/04 René Hoep Jos, Je hebt een prachtige site en ik hoop dat hij straks helemaal naar je zin is. Ik was op zoek naar de bouwer van onze FS en kwam jouw SITE tegen. Ik heb in onze SITE een vermelding naar BRUCE ARTWICK onze geestelijke vader en heb daar nu een link ingelegd naar jouw site. Deze is straks te vinden onder onze GALERIJ. Kijk op: http://www.fsclub-friesland.tk/

Richard Inouye

Pics for Gallery


Richard Wade

I really like your website. I’m glad to see somebody doing this and preserving the FS legacy. 

09/05/05 Rick Connolly Nearly forgot about this for that business computer, wow that's been some time now. There's one you may consider, P51 Mustang which I believe was the first telephone modem sim or could I say multiplayer for Tandy COCO and that's why I bought it, too. It freed the other machine from gaming time. Oh, I hope you don't mind me including a link to your site on my links page. Thanks muchly.

Rick Lee

Hi... I'm so happy that you are doing the FS History project.  I thought about doing it myself many times but I couldn't get started.  Somebody needed to do it.  I will probably be sending you several suggestions from time to time....


Rob Schatborn

Hallo Jos, het wordt tijd, dat ik jouw verhaal op mijn website ga linken. Heb het meeste zelf ook meegemaakt. Ben onder de indruk van jouw website.


Robert Cowan

I saw your fine web site and it brought back many a fine memory. A friend started me on computers in 1983 by loaning me a Atari 600XL.  I followed this by buying a 800XL, …… etc.


Robert Prather

I just came across your web site via Enrico Schiratti's site, and was very interested in the history that you have been tracing about flight sim software. If it's ok with you, I would like to add a banner on my home page, linking to your web site.


Robert Scoble

I was reading your site and thought you might be interested in this video tour I just put up of the FS team. http://channel9.msdn.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=26632.  Keep it up! Thanks!


Robert Tournay

Schitterend gedaan, Jos. Laat de goede ouwe tijd herleven.

11/04/05 Roden Greetings: I have an protected disk and I want to copy this disk as another copy. Can I use Teledisk to copy all the content of the original floppy disk? Hope you can help me? Thank you and I look forward to your response.

Roelof Kruijer

This is something else


Roger Wielgus

Hello, I am filmmaker and simpit builder. I intend to produce and direct a full length documentary about the cockpit builders. I would of course interview some of the pioneer in that area like Bruce Artwick. Do you know were I could find him ???


Roland Collins

I visited your site some time ago and having been an FS fan since the beginning it was quite a nostalgic journey for me. I have just visited it again and I must say that I am disappointed that you don't seem to be receiving the kind of help that you deserve.


Ron A. Norp

Interessante en informatieve site. Goed werk!

24/04/05 Ross Lawson Very kind of you to send me those addresses, Jos. Thanks very much. Good luck with your very good website. Enjoyed it very much.

Roy Chaffin

Good luck with the venture


Rusel DeMaria

I came across your excellent site on the history of Flight Simulator and would like to ask a favour. I am writing a book on the history of electronic games and I am looking for good hi-res scans of game boxes for the book. I would like to include your website URL in the book for people who want to read the whole story.


Ruud Faber

I contacted Jos abt. the pictures, thanks again.


Ruud Legdeur

Die history site is erg goed. Dat haalt weer herinneringen op van de Atari die we thuis hadden met Flightsim (ik snapte er toen weinig van). En ik heb even de parallel site bekeken en een oude versie gedownload. Supergaaf!

13/02/04 Ryan Barclay I'm from Fly Away Simulation - a popular FS site that you may have heard of. A while ago I wrote an article about the History of Flight Simulation, which I thought you may be interested in and could do something with and include on your great site about the History of Flight Simulator. Feel free to use the article
16/01/05 Sam Juvonen As a Commodore 64 owner who bought FS II in 1984 as a young teen, I am enjoying your web site. On the Commodore FS II page I see two entries that say they are links but do not offer the ability to download the FS II for Commodore program. Is this available? I would love to get it to run in my emulator on my PC. Thanks!

Sander F. Prins

Mijn complimenten.  Erg goed.  Kom zeker lter nog wel een keertje terug


Sandra Thies

I try to picture the development over time for Flight Simulator, so as your webpage is very rich in information, I will certainly draw on it for my thesis.


Sergio di Fusco

Inzwischen hatte ich Gelegenheit, deine FS-History zu besuchen. Es ist eine sehr schöne, sehr informative Seite geworden. Mein Kompliment!


Sharon Richardson

Just wondering if you can direct me to credits/ staff for the original MS simulator titles (up to and including the ‘98 release)?  I was hoping you have them buried in your site somewhere, but could not find the info. Thanks very much for your help.

14/03/05 Silverwing Nesslinger Thanks, Jos, for the history site. This compilation of the history of my favourite hobby was long overdue. Since I started with FS98, i am very much interested in the older versions, and the beginning of flight-simming at all. S again, many thanks and keep on struggling - you`ve started a truly great thing! Oh, before I close: there is a tiny mistake in the timeline: the 737-400 was already part of FS98 (the one I started with), and did therefore not appear for the first time in FS 2000, as it says in the timeline.

Sophie Bellot

I'm looking for Flight Simulator 1, 2, 3 and 4 for my brother!!! Very hard to find!! Can you help me? Thank you!

17/04/05 Stavros Kokkinos I really loved the video "FS History - A Video Snapshot" (older video (MT) to the current one). Congrats on a wonderful video! I also loved the music in the background, I recognised the different songs throughout the video. May I ask which songs these are? I absolutely love them! I'm hoping to find then on the internet and buy them. Thanks to any replies ;)

Stephan Haas

Leuk initiatief die historische site. Bracht herinneringen terug naar de tijd dat ik absoluut van mijn Vic 20 naar een C64 over wilde vanwege de flight simulator.


Stephane Prigent

Thanks you for your site. I am very happy to see the picture of fs1 (to remember).

13/12/04 Stephen Wong I wanted to thank you for your site. It brought back memories of my childhood. I remember playing FS II as a child on an Atari 800 and later as a teenager playing ATP on an IBM PC XT computer. I recently moved and found my old Atari 800 and the original FS II software, documentation, and maps that I played as a child. I tried it and was surprised to find that the old 20 year old computer and FS II disks still worked. After doing more research I found an Atari 800 emulator and Atari versions of FS II on the internet. I didn't know if you would be interested in the Atari versions of FS II.

Steve Ferris

When I can borrow a camera again I will put the other cockpit foto's on the site.

04/01/04 Steve H. I did not see mentioned Flight Simulator for the Timex Sinclair 1000, The program was on cassette (similar to an audio cassette). You attached the TS 1000 to a TV, attached a tape recorder to the TS, placed the Flight Simulator cassette into the player. Synchronized the software with the recorder, and played a very "crude" version of FS.
14/01/05 Steve Mayer I have just downloaded the Apple 2 version of FS2, and am having a ball. Thank you so much. To push my luck, is there a place where I can obtain a copy of the full instruction manual? Also, if this is shareware, is there a place to make a modest contribution for support of the site? Thanks

Steve Parkin

I see on your site you'd like a picture of the manual for FS 2.10 so here's a scan of the one for sale.


Steven Karalash

There is a cute animation on this website, like I used to fly on my old Apple.


Steven Mellor

hope this of use to you, found this file whilst rumaging around the net....good luck in getting it working, haven't managed myself yet,


Steven Weyhrich

I would be VERY HAPPY to correct the info about FS-I and FS-II on my site, and if you have pictures also, that makes it even better! Please feel free to correct my mistakes and I'll put it up there, with credit given to you.

15/01/05 Sylvain Bizoirre In early 1979, I did long investigations about flight simulator history and made a page on this subject: http://www.old-computers.com/history/detail.asp?n=49&t=4 Some of the information comes from your site, so I included a link to your very good site. Regarding the ZX-81 version, the first Sinclair ZX-80 was released in Europe in February 1980, one year after the first F.S. release and 3 years after Artwick wrote its first lines of code in 6502 assembly language. Moreover, no software was written for the ZX-80 by other companies than Sinclair before the computer was released. IMHO, the rest is only false rumours spread.

Terry H. Turner

Nice, nice, nice


Teun Schuurman

Wat een werk, maar heel goed gedaan.


Thomas Dankowski

wow, your site brings back some memories =)  cant wait for the timeline / story / gallery being updated. nice screenshots and site layout btw.


Thomas Diderich

Will add a link to your nice website on our “The Dutch FS Site”


Tiago Fonseca

I would like to congratulate him for the excellent work that did when telling us the history of Flight Simulator with the richest details. Your work is really notable and among many that I researched in the Web, yours was the most complete than I found.   
I own a Brazilian site about flight simulation and it would like your authorization integrally to translate your work for the portuguese languaje and to put him in our site. 


Todd Kern

Wonderful work there! I started my FS experience with the Commodore 64 and FSII. Over time I also bought all the scenery discs. Your site has brought back a lot of memories. 
After downloading and watching the video, I was reminded of how the buildings looked like they used to dance and wiggle around with each frame change.  By the way, I still have that C64 and all my FS disks...and yes, it still works. Please..accept my thanks on a great presentation.


Tom Gregor Sr.

I was wondering if I employ your "The Story of Flight Simulator" piece in my site re-construction plan? Of course you would be credited for the article, and a reciprocal link established as well.


Tom Harnish

Love your site. We're currently running a Flight Sim Art Contest; it shows how very far we've come since the mid-70s. We'll reference your site in our press releases if you don't mind....
Actually, didn't Bruce Artwick write his very earliest version for the Sinclair with a Z-80 processor? I've been trying to find a picture of one of those screens, but I know darn well the software didn't know how to do a screenshot!


Tom Piercy

Loved your site!  I was an Apple ][ dealer back in '79 here in UK - we thought FS was incredible.


Tom Wismann

I really enjoy your history of Flight Simulator. I am looking forward to the day when there will be a version of FS4 available on your site.


Tonet Rivera

I love your site!  I hope you don't mind, I posted a few "teaser" shots from you site in our Philippine Flight Simmer Group forum. 


Ton van Leeuwen

Gefeliciteerd met deze site. Ik heb een jaartje geleden rond gelopen met plannen voor iets dergelijks, maar wegens chronisch tijdgebrek is het er nooit van gekomen.


Toni Tasic

Also have the Mac FS2 manual for the Monochrome 512 Mac


Tony Smith

I  have added a link to you interesting 'Flight Simulator History Page' site from my MSFS Gateway site

09/01/05 Tony Volante I have run the Flight Simulator User Group-UK since I started it 11 years ago and produce it's bi-monthly magazine Micro Aviator. Looking for an item to fill in on a page for the next issue, due out February 1st, I found your web-site about the history of Flight Simulation. So I have written about your web-site and the excellent job you have done in documenting the history of our hobby. Will it be okay if I use a few of the illustrations from your web-site in my magazine?

Trevor Morson

Looks great !!  I love the site !!  Well done...
Starting with a very interesting chapter on the "History of Flight Simulation" with screenshots and photographs.. nice to have in book form for sure. It brought back memories for me when I saw ASD and FS4. It evens covers the essential add-ons used at that time. But it starts from FS1 and it was at this point, I figured the book was worth browsing through and actually reading, It got my interest. A hook filled with bait and I gladly swallowed it all. This section ends with FS2002 and a nice up to date shot of 'our' Mr. Bruce Artwick, as he looks today.


Ulrich Klein

Came across your history web site lately. Congratulation so far, it was high time for someone doing this job. Please keep on developing the site!


Volker Klein

All the best for the new year and many thanks for a brief reply!


Wayne Bacon

I found your site most interesting. Interested in your plans to have a download section.


William Hermes

Zijn er nog plannen om FS History te updaten? (website is ERG informatief en boeiend).

09/12/04 Xavier Cano Congratulations from a Flightsimmer from Spain. I am very impressed whit your work.

Zachariah Amela

Just want to complement you on a great site. Brings back memories of playing Flight Sim on an Apple IIe and C64 way back when. I look forward to site additions.


zx amp

Thank you for a very nice article. I started with the franchise in 84, ibm pcxt. I was a little disappointed to see no mention of the tandy color computer OS9 version (about '86)










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